The sign that your alive

Crying doesn’t indicate that you’re weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you’re alive

This quote graced the status of my sisters Facebook page yesterday.

I fell in love with it immediately. 

What a wonderful quote!

True and deep emotions make us feel alive.

Like we exist. 

They remind us of our presence in the world.

A good cry can rejuvenate the soul.

Freshen everything up like an intense rainstorm does in the 


It feels like sometimes we steer away from passionate emotions due to

social restrictions or embarrassment

Why should we do that?

Why put restrictions on ourselves?

We are meant to feel. 

Meant to live with intensity.

Meant to be true and honest with ourselves. 

Meant to express our feelings and have them appreciated by the one we care about. 

If you feel a certain way and express that emotion, it should be appreciated, even if not

understood, it should always be appreciated for the rawness of it’s intensity.

 I am going to remember this thought and quote when I tell myself (or the ones I care about) the 
 line that we all use,

there is nothing to feel angry/sad/frustrated about here‘ 

If you feel that emotion there is something that is bothering you. 

In most cases if you  allowed to openly feel sad/angry/happy and have another person

appreciate that feeling instead of telling you it does not exist allows you to embrace the


You can store it as a moment in your life journey and move on. 

You can move on lighter and more content knowing that you were true to your feelings and let

your honesty prevail. 

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Much love, 



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