My adventures in the galaxy

…otherwise known as cosmic adventures.

Yesterday we went to cosmic adventures with the girls.
Courtney, myself and our tiny wee ladies headed on our way to Ottawa for a morning of adventure!
We met up with a few other family’s there with children around the girls age, including the girls cousin Cameron.
It was wonderful to see all the kids and chat with other adults.
I had been nervous to do cosmic adventures with the girls as I had heard it is incredible busy and overwhelming (especially since we were deciding to go on a Sunday!) but Court was coming so that made it OK because we could tag team our wild children!
As we walked in we were floored by the gargantuan size of the place.
I thought to myself  ‘my poor girls are going to get eaten up by this massive place!’
I am sure someone read that fear on my face and we were soon directed to a special toddler area upstairs.
It was cosmic adventures on a smaller scale.
A small ball pit, a smaller climbing apparatus and toddler play structures and toys. There was also so much space for them to walk around!
It was amazing!
The girls loved it immediately.
Chloe took to just walking about from end to end, actually she was running from end to end. She loved the space.
Charlotte immediately fell in love with the ball pit and sat there for a good hour and a half with her daddy.
We stayed there for three and a half hours.
There were no melt downs and no diva moments of screaming (which seem to be a common thing around our home lately.)
It was incredible!
We left at 1:30 ish and assumed the girls would nap in the car and then would wake up immediately once we get home, that is normal for them.
We took our time driving home and didn’t get back till 2:30.
Once we took the ladies out of the car they were still obviously sleepy so we brought them upstairs to their crib. We though we were just being silly doing this as usually this would not work at all and they would be wide awake and screaming to come down stairs, but didn’t they sleep for two more hours!
This is EPIC for my girls!
It was incredible!
They were tuckered!
It was such an incredible day with them.
Once they woke up they were amazing little girls.
It was like we had satisfied their craving for play that they were content to bop around the house without any ‘clingyness to mommy’ or meltdowns.
We actually had a relaxing rainy day late afternoon together.
Court was on his laptop working and watching the jays game, I was on the couch reading the newspaper and my book and the girls were on the floor in front of us playing with their toys.
This went on for 2 hours!
That has never happened!
When they wanted some attention they took their turns coming to mommy and daddy.
They had a few minutes of cuddles then went back to play.
They were so much more calm and chill children.
Court and I think the morning of adventure did it for them.
They got out all that excess energy that was bogging them down. They were able to act relaxed and content with out excess energy in them.
We actually bought a year member ship to Cosmic Adventures for the girls, so we can go back often.
For us it was a cheaper option as one visit alone for the four of us cost $40.00.

We realised yesterday that we have kids now. Not babies.
They are at an age that extra curricular activities are necessary in their lives.
And for my wild children, extracurriculars cannot be an organized activities (like swimming classes, kids yoga or music classes) as they do not want to stay still and follow any sort of direction.
I hope some day we can do those things but right now why put them (and me) through the stress.
They want to run free and explore!
That is just their style.
And I love my free thinking, wild, climbing, exploring, gutsy, ‘never quite moving’ little girls!

Much love,



One thought on “My adventures in the galaxy

  1. So glad to hear that you had a good time! we have a membership for Oliver too for Cosmic and we just love it! we ended up going every 2-3 weeks in the winter so he can burn off his climing addiction! I definitely recommend during the week (that's when we go too) it's soooo quiet! I then can take Oliver on a little bit of the "Big Boy" slides before going to the toddler bit upstairs without being bombarded by older kids πŸ™‚ Love love love reading your blog!! keep up the amazing work!

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