wonderful connections

Today we are going on a play date!
I am very excited.

I know playdates are for my kids, but I am slowly appreciating the effects it has on me.
I used to hate any type of play date or group, as it was so very difficult to bring two very dependant children anywhere with out the help of another.
Now my kids are more independent.
Chloe is walking and Charlotte may not be walking but she can hold her own by crawling.
Most of the time they are content to be left on their own to play.
They are prime playgroup kids now!

For the past 2 weeks I have been craving time with fellow women.
Going to playgroups satisfies that craving.
It could be that I am babysitting two days a week now and am permanently at home with the girls
(I only go into the city for my ‘spa job’ on Saturdays when the girls are with Court.)

I love staying at home with the wee ladies and the two boys I sit are incredible little guys, but the conversation is lacking while I am with them.
It is very one sided and most of it is in song  (when I am with kids I tend to make everything in a song, I am sure it can get incredibly annoying to outsiders…)

Last week I had a book club meeting and a chance to satisfy my cravings for adult time.
It was a great!
Wonderful women and great conversation!
It was great to have a chance to realize that you are not alone in your frustrations with the world.

Getting together with woman I trust and appreciate is a wonderful joy.
Today I get to satisfy the craving for adult time with wonderful people again with my play date!

Today we are meeting up at a friends place outside of town. Her home a wonderful place for a play group and the drive there is awesome.
All back roads.
A great time to relax and the girls usually nap .

This get together is filled with woman who are ‘first time mom’s’ and we seem to all share the same parenting style.

Creating strong bonds with other woman is vital, especially as a mom but really at any point in our lives.
It allows to notice that we are not alone in our feelings of frustration.
It allows for laughs and simple way to make you feel lighter.
It creates the sense of unity, understanding and community.
It allows you to feel validated in the feelings that sometimes if you are left alone with can make you think you are going crazy.

Supporting and honoring each other is something I wish I saw more of (from myself and others).

As women, we can be our worst enemies.
We can be quick to judge and degrade other women out of jealousy, frustration and spite.
We gossip and belittle.
We can be quite awful to one another.

I think it is just something we are just used to doing.
I truly believe that we are not bad people. It is just so common to see other woman breaking each other down.

I know many women who have great intentions, but end up judging and gossiping each other on their choices and decisions instead of supporting them.
( I am can be one of these woman with great intentions but poor follow through)

I am breaking the cycle.
Right now.

We all need support.
We all need compassion.

The last thing we need is judgement and hurt.
Life is hard enough with out having to deal with the belittling of outsiders.

We are all in the same situation.
We truly are.

We are all navigating through the seas of life trying to figure out which way to go.
Nobody has the answers or the right way.
If we did, wouldn’t we all be doing it then?

Power of connection:

We are one in the same
We understand to the core

We sometimes believe we are so different
though truly we aren’t
we all go through the same motions
and plan the same trip
but we reach different points
along our unique journey through life

we do not want to hurt
we do not want to judge
take it all away

our provisions and love
vital to growth
and light

We are a powerful force
that can be a well oiled machine
if the proper support is given
the proper love is received

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Much love,



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