Birthday celebrations

Last night we had Courts birthday get together.
A low key and relaxed shin dig with pizza, beer and sports.
I was exactly what the birthday boy needed!

I was such a fun night.
Good company, good food and lots of laughs!

I love the feel after a relaxed night with friends.
It is amazing how happy connecting with others makes you feel.
Connection and relationships really are an integral part of happiness.

When you get so busy in life it is so nice to stop and do something a little different.
It rejuvenates.

I feel happy this morning.
Relaxed and fresh.


like diving into the cool blue sea,
or a drink of fresh lemonade,

the feeling so deep,
so calm,
so happy

the airiness
the freshness
the connection
the love

what you bring to my perception
it is welcomed with open arms

a reminder,
a splendid truth
that we are all here

moving along with each other
forging our paths
unveiling  our lives

Thank you everyone who came out for courts party!
I was a big success!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Much love,



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