spring rejuvention

I woke up this morning to birds chirping outside.
We slept with our window open.
My side of the bed is directly under the window.
It is wonderful.

Spring is here!

I used to enjoy winter to an extent (before the girls arrived) but this winter I had a dreadful time.
Maybe it was the snow pants and boots for two one year old’s or maybe I am just getting older and I have stopped most of the my winter activities (When I was younger I skied and snowboarded. Two expensive and time consuming activities.)
I just couldn’t wait for winter’s end this year.

Thank goodness it appears like we have made it through.
I believe spring is here.
A time for change and rejuvenation.

a time of change
a time of warmth
new life emerging from under sludge
the bright new colours
the bright long days

Spring is here
Hear my praise!

the world emerges
in its ballroom gown
for another chance to hit the town

the deep cold winter
has come and gone
as we sit back
and watch our new world
emerging through the ground

Change of seasons
our blessed gift
my favorite part about to hit
the change to warm and loving sun
with bright green grass
and colorful buds

with love and happy
feelings coming through
and all the warmth it brings to you.

my favorite time of year
rejuvenation and warmth
deep to my soul

I hope you all have wonderful day!

Much love,



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