My new favorite product!

This isn’t my usual style for a blog post but I have to rave about this new product I tried.

For those who know me well know that I have terrible eczema.
I struggle with it everyday, and it is at its worst on my hands. The crack, they burn, and they hurt all the time. My hands are constantly in pain due to the dryness. Sometimes when I would hold a pen to write in my journal, cook dinner or change the babies diapers, my hands would burn so bad that I would cry.
I have tried numerous skin products, prescriptions and changes to my diet (I cut out all dairy for 3 weeks to see if that would help it. Minimal change to the skin issues but I did find that with less dairy in my diet my stomach felt better then it had in years, go figure!)

Nothing seemed to work.
I was truly going to give up hope.
Just learn to deal with it.
Accept that my hands will always be in pain.
Live in that state.
and then I found it….

My saving grace!

It all began last week when Lindsay and I watched a ‘marketplace’ episode on so called ‘natural skin products’ on the market and what was really in our lotions and creams. The results were truly surprising. Especially for the babies products. It really got me thinking about what I put on the girls. I though I was doing well  by using Avenno baby products. I had did some research and decided to avoid ‘johnsons and johnsons’ due the ingredients and simply due to the fact that when I put it on the babies it burned my hands like nothing I have ever felt before. I assumed Avenno was a good choice, by low and behold, Avenno is owned my ‘johnsons and johnsons’. The ingredients are not much different.

I was on a mission to find something for my girls that was natural. I am not to concerned about organic, I simply was searching for something natural. A cream/lotion/oil that used products that their bodies would recognise and absorb properly.

I tried a few places that sold natural and organic products and found some soaps and shampoos for the babies. I even found a locally made goats milk soap for me. I was successful, but I still hadn’t found a moisturizer for them.

I decided to stop into my new favorite store, Soul Scents in Almonte. I browsed the store for a bit, had a great conversation with Sara, and found a skin care line that I was hoping I would love.

It is called badger balm . I bought a tin of balm for the babies and a tin for me.

The ingredients are so simple and wonderful. The main ingredients are organic extra virgin olive oil and bees wax. Each variation of balm differs in essential oils (The balm I bought for myself is called ‘yoga  and meditation’ and contains cedarwood, Mandarin, sandalwood, ginger, frankincense, vertivert, calendula, rosehip and myrrh. It smells amazing.)
There is nothing else in it. The two oils and essential oils.
It is incredible.

I have been using the balm on my hands and body and I truly cannot put into words how fantastic it is working. This morning I woke up with out dryness in my hands.
I have not felt that in months!

I am very happy today!
My hands don’t hurt and I didn’t realize how much that affected my mood!

If any of you struggle with dry skin, eczema or are just looking for a new skin products that leaves out the chemicals and unknowns and is a little more ‘real’, I highly recommend checking out badger balm.
It is amazing!

As crude a weapon as the cave man’s club, the chemical barrage has been hurled against the fabric of life.
– Rachel Carson

I hope you all have a wondeful day!

Much love,



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