I have been writing alot of poetry this last few weeks. It has taken all my writing away from the blog. I would post everyday becasue I have been writing everyday, but I find I am much more lenient with posting all my poetry. I think I become more attached to my poems then just my blog posts. I just can bear they idea of them being judged. They are personal, they are truly me.
But either way, I did post a recent poem I wrote…
Hope you enjoy, don’t be too tough, I am no professional.

Memories held in time

Those moments
held with pure joy
in the web of memory
their delicate existence
their wanting desire

they come in an instant
leave with no questions
moments I will always remeber
moments like this

how I feel
how I change
how they make me be

moments with you
I will never forget

Hope you have a wondeful day!

Much love,



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