your gift of unique existence

as the words unfold
the stories flow outwards
the aura of perfection
the light of envy
they all go away
they all drift into the atmosphere
we are all the same
you and I
we all struggle for the same cause
we all search for the same treasures
our divine purpose is congruent
though our individual journey is truly our own
our gift to our existence

I wrote this last night. After working and talking with clients, it hit me that truly we are all the same. Sometimes in life we want what others have, the appearance of others life and accomplishments may seem more extensive then ours. We thrive with envy at times to be in the light of perfection of the ones we know and love, but truly we are all the same.  We all struggle towards the same outcome but our journey just have different paths. That is what makes our lives truly unique. The purpose is the same the trip is just different.
Honor your individual journey. It truly is special.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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