They pushed furthur and allowed life to open up for me.

This weekend we had a discussion about what it would be like to have had the childhood of my grandparents, growing up in Canada in war time.

What would life have been like with no men around (as most were gone to war)? especially in a time that so many women relyed on there husband for support and strength.
How hard would it have been to watch the man you love, you precious son or your father go half way across the world, maybe to never return?
What it was like to live off rations? To not be able to get whatever you needed, whenever you needed it. To sometimes not have enough to feed your children. How would that feel? As a parent and as a child.
It had to have been hard for children to be forced to become an adults with adult responsibilities so early in life. It must have been equally hard for mothers, to stay strong for their children and allow then abandon their childhood.

Life in my grandparents ‘childhood era’ could not have been easy.

It makes me feel a little guilty for the complaining I do. I actually makes me understand the looks my grandma gives me when I am complaining about my life. Almost like I can see in her eyes that she just wants to shake me and tell me that what I am worried about is really nothing.

In comparison to their lives, my life it like a walk in the park. Though my husband and I do not have alot of money we have more then enough to provide for our children. We don’t have to save rations to buy sugar or butter, we can easily provide that to ourselves and families. Even as children we had everything we needed. We have a warm house, clothes and food and have always been provided with that.

We have become slightly spoiled.

I think when I feel entitlement (that seems to be common in my generation), I should remember my grandparents and my great grandparents and what it was like for them. The struggles they went through to simply provide for their children or to have a carefree childhood. What life was like when you really didn’t know what was coming next.

I am truly blessed to still have most of my grandparents still around. I think I need to hear their stories more and grasp just what it was like to grow up when they did. 
The struggles and challenges that they endured were endured for me. They pushed through to make a better life for their children, who then did the same for their own children.
I am the byproduct of that.
I am generations down the line from people who conqured the challeneges and endured hardtimes to make life easier for their offspring.
Thank you for that. My life is blessed because of what you did.

The hardship of life challenge our spirits and allow us to be stronger. They push to go furthur and change the way it is.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Much Love



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