The reading rainbow

I have not blogged since Saturday. It feels weird to have gone that long.
I got myself caught up in an incredible book this weekend and I indulged in it every chance I got, therefore taking away from my writing time. (I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett, I highly recommend checking it out!)

I have been reading alot more lately. It has been lovely. I absolutely love to read. Before the twins, I would always have a book on the go. I was always reading something. That stopped when they arrived. I did not feel like I had the mental capacity to use my brain to think ofa nything more then diaper changes and feedings. Last year, I was only reading books required by my book club. They were few and far between and I even listened to one of the book on audio tape instead of reading. Last year I was not the avid reader I usually am.

But things seem to have changed.
To start, I feel like something has changed in my family dynamic. The girls do not require as much from me. There are chunks in the day where we are all in the living room and they really want nothing to do with me. They are quite content to play together on the floor or on the couch. As long as I am close by they are happy.
I have started to take advantage of these times and pull out my kobo. I’ll read a chapter or two and then get on the floor with  the girls and play. Once they get tired of me, I read another chapter. It is quite nice for all of us.
I find that reading in the same room during the twins ‘independant play times’ is much better then trying to clean or do chores. They seem to much rather see me be relaxed and close by then running around my house cleaning as they play. It works out great for everyone. Sometimes I will even read a page or two outloud to my playing girls. Most of the time they could care less but I have noticed that Chloe has started to mimic me. She grabs her books and holds them in her lap and murmurs baby talk as she tries to flip pages. It is adorable. It melts my heart a little to see her do that!
(Chloe is alot like me in personality. I am sure she will love to read like her mommy. Charlotte is alot like her daddy. Courtney is not an avid reader, so I am not surprised Charlotte does not use her book to read but as steps to climb on to the couch or toys to smash togther and make noise.)

And the second change towards my old reading self is my mind space.
It has changed.
I want to challenge my brain again.
Some days I would feel like my mind was melting and that I have not done anything to work with my brain. I think that is why I started reading and writing again. I love my job as a stay at home mom (who works part time at a spa), but none of my daily ‘jobs’ really push the bounds of my intellect. I am now at a place in my ‘discovery of motherhood’ where I am comfortable with our routine and am ready to add in a little more challenge, intellectually.
It has been nice to embrace a little bit of the old me again into my life and my daughters life.

Reading opens my mind a little more.
I find that indulging in other peoples storytelling or history allows me to open my mind to their world, rather then be trapped in my head.
I am able to read about things that make me happy, sad, angry, or enlightened. I have that choice. I choose which books I read, therefore I am choosing my moods and feelings.
It allows me to remeber the bigger picture.
It helps me to stay grounded to my life by showing me whatelse is out in the world and what other people say and feel about their lives.
By staying grounded to my big picture, I focus less on minor details and stresses.
For me, reading is integral in my happiness.

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrendar yourself to self choosen ignorance.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Much Love,



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