It is a favorite day

Today is a day for favorite things!

It is Saturday, Life is good,  we are happy, so lets talk about favorite things!
What are your favorite things?
Post or comment to let me know! I love reading comments and hearing from others!
sometimes I get caught up in my ‘not so favorite things’ I forget how many awesome things there are in my life!
My favorite thing include but are not limited to the following:
(These are not posted in order of significance, more just as they pop in my head!)
the smell of lavender
coffee in the morning
my husbands laugh
my girls giggles and smiles
a tidy house
comfortable clothes that make you feel great
a warm bed
my giant fuzzy pink scarf
my kobo
my beautiful journal
my Moroccan oil curl cream (for my hair)
finding new steals from ETSY (recently found some awesome tee shirts, they should be arriving soon)
Bright colors in the winter
dinners with  my family
Coffee and muffins with my sister in laws and watching my girls play with their cousins
The first taste of red wine after a hard day
A great yoga class
Chats with my girlfriends
Seeing our parents being the best grandparents ever
Play dates
great music that fits the mood
Hanging out with my sisters at our parents house
Solo movie nights while Court is at hockey (I can watch whatever I want 🙂
Book club
Walk on a wonderful day
driving to work with my sister
quilting with my grandma
days when my family sleeps in and I have a gloriously relaxed morning until they wake up (it is happening this morning 🙂
being happy
There is nothing like a reminder of your favorite things to put you in a good mood.
Today is a wonderful day!
Fill it with your favorite things!
“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”
-Mae West
Much love,

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