My wonderful girlfriends

I have wonderful girlfriends.

There are seven if us. For the most part there has always been seven of us. A few extras drift in and out but we have always stayed strong to seven.

Last night was girls night.

Oh! How I love girls night.

I mean true girls night. The husband is at home, the babies are all snuggled in bed, and I get to go out on my own accord.

 I get to drink wine, eat food and chat with my beloved friends.

I have been lucky enough to have grown up with these ladies. I have known most of them since I was in grade school. We have been through it all together. They know who I am inside and out. They have seen the worst of me and the best of me. We seen the good the bad and the ugly in each other, but even after all of it we choose be great friends.

They all have a special place in my heart.

Ashley D, she is my sunny optimist.
She is the one that tells you how great that cake is you made, or that she loves your new dress. She is always there to make you feel happy. She truly just wants people to be happy. She is our hostess extraordinaire and if it wasn’t for her planning skill, awesome parties and drive to host wonderful events, the seven of us wouldn’t see each other nearly enough. She is a truly wonderful person. She has grown into a beautiful mother. You can see in her eyes she is exacly where she wants to be . Her happiness is contagious.

Ashley O , She is my rock.
Ashley is the one who knows me better then I know myself. Once in high school she said to me “I know what you want/need better then you do” and she was right. My mind can be a chaotic mess of idea and desires. Ashley understands that about me and keeps me in the right direction. She does this in such a subtle way that most of the time I don’t even realize it.  She lets me cry and talk way to much. She never complains when it can be “All about me”. Ashley and I have shared some amazing times together. We can always have fun, especially in our younger years. We were forced to figure out ways to have fun just the two of us, because we could be so overwhelming together that nobody else would want to hang out with us. Our realtionship hasn’t always been a positive one but we have stood through the worst together. Ashley is an amazingly compassionate and understanding person. She has a aura of complete self acceptance. She does not apologize for who she is. I envy the quality!  All her positive traits have made her into a truly beautiful woman, inside and out.

Heidi, She is my Strength.
I miss Heidi. I miss our walks. And how we would talk for hours and still don’t really know what we talked about. Heidi will always tell  me the truth. She never sugar coats it. I love that about her. She tells me when I am being an idiot and she tells me when she loves me. She is a strong independent woman who brings strength to our group. She gives me strength. She does not compromise on her life. Heidi encompasses strength and happiness. She is a truly amazing person.

Becky, She is my wondering spirit.
I live my life vicariously through her and her travels :). She is always going on amazing adventures and travelling the world. She once said to me “…If only I could keep my feet on the ground for a while, I would have more money.” But the fact that she doesn’t keep her feet on the ground long is one of the reasons I truly respect her. She follows her dreams, she embraces them full on and does what she can to live the life she wants. Becky is an incredibly strong and empowered woman. She has created the life she wants. She has grabbed the bull by the horns and conquered her life and happiness. I love that about her.

Leslie, She is my source of loving kindness.
Leslie is a giver. She is truly loving soul. She will go out of her way to help out . She is kind and caring. She cares so deeply and truly wants people to be happy. Leslie is the one who help you through no matter what. She is the one who will take you out to the bars if that is what you need or invite you over for dinner if she knows you are going through a rough patch. She rarely says anything bad about anyone but if she does, it is obvious she feel terrible about it, and she apologizes right after. Her kindness is amazing. By being around her she make you want to be more caring and kind. Her positive qualities are very powerful. Leslie is an incredible person!

Lindsay, She is my dreamer.
Lindsay is like me. We think alike and most times we feel alike. She is the one that allows me to feel like my dreams are possible. She is motivated and driven. She is wonderfully strong willed woman, who just like Ashley O does not apologized for who she is. She is fun and free but holds a lot of stability in her life (which is a great mix). She is loving and kind and she will be there whenever I need her. Lindsay is beautiful woman who has really flourished into her true self. She encompasses happiness and motivation.

My wonderful friends are one of the many true blessings in my life.

My life has been blessed to encompass wonderful women in it, and these ladies fit right into that category. they are more then just friends to me, they are part of who I am today. Their relationships have shaped who I have become and I eternally grateful for their presence in my life.

“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”
-Tim McGraw

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Much Love



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