Turn your face into the sun and let the shadows fall behind you.

Yesterday had started of as a pretty cold and damp day. It looked like it was going to be a dreary old February downer.

Despite the weather, I am pleased to report that it turned out to be a pretty awesome day.
The ladies and I headed to my Mom and Ricks in the morning. Like I posted yesterday, it was way to cold in our place.(I do not know how impressed my step-dad was to have us calling at 7:00 am to come over but I think he warmed up to the idea once he saw the two wee ones.)
The girls were in amazing moods yesterday. They were playing and happy. The were eating there food and drinking all their milk wonderfully. Going down for naps was a breeze. It was a page out of the book of a perfect day raising twins! ( My mom would like to say that they are like that every time they go to grandma’s house, because they love grandmas house!)

The girls seemed extra happy when my mom and I left them to their own accord to play independently. My mom was in her kitchen baking and cooking and I was in the living room, watching the girls, reading and quilting (I have begun quilting! A explanation post will come soon!) They would crawl between those two rooms playing with each other. Giggling and chasing each other seemed to be the favorite thing to do. At one point my Mom and I saw Charlotte crawling and Chloe on her knees behind her. Chloe was griping on to Char’s tee-shirt. She was catching a ride across the kitchen from her sister!
It was incredible to watch them act like little girls. At home I get distracted with chores and tasks to do that I don’t get to just watch them play together. Usually when they are content to play without me, I take that opportunity to do work. I am going to change that. It was so neat to watch them play and the dynamic between them.  They seemed so much less like babies and so much more like precious children.

We had a great day.

Once Court came to pick us up, We decided to stay for dinner. I love parents houses for dinner. It is pretty obvious in my posts that I love spending time with my family, so really I think I could eat dinner there every night!  Not only does the food taste so much better when someone else cooks for you but you don’t have worry about to clean up as much. Clean up after dinner at our house is one of my least favorite things to do.

We ate dinner, drank tea and watched a trivia show on TV (million dollar money drop, it is pretty cool and the questions are easy enough that you feel super smart!). We let the girls bop about and burn off all the sugar they consumed in the rice pudding my mom fed them. I was a type of night that feeds your soul with love and happiness. Even the idea of heading home to shovel the ridiculous amount of snow in our lane way didn’t even seem to make us that upset.
(Side note: There was a ridiculous amount of snow in our lane way. The end of lane way came to my chest! I have always been able to talk my way out of shovelling, I actually have never shovelled a full lane way before in my life. I would always start helping and get sidetracked and go inside,  but there was so much that I had to help. It was tough work! Wowzers, I give lots of credit to those who shovel all the time!)

The shovelling at 7:30 pm knocked me out and I went to bed early. I got a great sleep. I was able to wake up at my usual time with much ease and actually headed back out to shovel what the plow pushed in our lane way so Court could have a little break from shovelling. He did a lot more of then me last night.
Getting that fresh air in the morning was beautiful! I feel so refreshed this morning.  Today is going to be a great day!

Today’s post feels a lot like a journal entry of yesterday events, but I wanted to remind myself that sometimes days that seem the worst can work out to be some of the best. They can elicit the best and most unexpected memories. I won’t forget yesterday as the day I truly realized I have little girls who are awesome children! My little babies are quickly turning in to kids.

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” –Jan Goldstein   

I found this quote. I really like it. Yesterday I started out by sitting in the shadows and taking in the darkness. I was wallowing in the dreary weather. But I turned into the sun to allow myself (and those around me, because we all know our behaviour does affect those around us) to embrace the day for what it was and have a wonderful time!
I hope you all have a spectacular day!
Much love,

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