Winter Storms..bah!

I am going to be very typical today and complain about how much I hate the weather! I don’t even have to commute in it today. Good luck to all of you that do.

Today it is cold!
My house is freezing!
Since we live in a duplex and our landlords have control of the heat, I have put on a little block heater to try and warm this place up before the babies get up. It seems to be slowly working. But I don’t think fast enough.  We will head over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the day. We will take advantage of their heat.

Since last night I have been chilled to the bone. It seems as I get older, I like winter less.

 I still truly appreciate the beauty of our four seasons in Canada, but winter seems so harsh now.

Also since I had kids, I am disliking winter more. We have a very hard time getting outside in terrible weather. That leaves us feeling a wee bit stir crazy.

Today I felt inspired to write a little poem about how the cold is making me feel.

Winter chill

As the snow falls down
The cold travels in, in, in
The wind is bursting to break me down

It goes deep to the soul
chilling the inside
and moving out to my limbs
freezing all hope of warmth

why are you so far away
my beloved sun?
when we grace our presence
with your beautiful love?

the winter chill travels in
cold and torturous
wild and strong

As I finished my poem, I remember that today is groundhogs day. Maybe there is hope for the beloved sun.
Lets pray the little groundhog predicts an early spring. I think most of us would be a little (maybe even a ton) grateful.
I hope today gets a little nicer. February can be such a downer month.

Much love,



One thought on “Winter Storms..bah!

  1. oh gosh I totally forgot today was Groundhog day! it's storms like this that make me feel like winter will never end ;)I agree that we are so fortunate to experience all 4 seasons in Canada, but it's this time of year I wish I could exscape to the tropics for a couple weeks…

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