Our gift to the girls

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday messages for the twins!.
The girls had their birthday. It was marvelous!
They ate way to much junk food for a child and loved all the attention.
They were very full of life this weekend and though they didn’t seem to grasp it was their birthday, they did seem to grasp it was a special weekend.
They were spoiled with presents from family. Which you are allowed to be when you are turning one!

Court and I had a hard time trying to figure out what to get them. I mean, they have so many toys and so many clothes. they are still too young to really care for presents, but we didn’t want to not get them anything.
We finally decided on getting a local artist , Kate Rykman, to create a piece of art for them. It incorporated their favorite things (colors chloe: pink and Charlotte: yellow and toys Chloe: her stuffed bear-bear and Charlotte: her stuffed duckie) as well as a poem for each of them that I wrote. Kate did a fantastic job! Her work is exceptional! I though about hanging the picture in the girls room but they are so fantastic, I want everyone to see them so they are in the hallway. The pictures are mementos that we will treasure forever, and though the girls could care less about them right now, I know they will cherish them in the future. (I will post pictures of them but I can’t find my camera. I can’t seem to find it. I used it alot this weekend!)

Well I woke up little later then usual and don’t have much more time to write. I hear baby cries and giggles 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Much Love,



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