Sleep, my beloved!

Yesterday was a bad day.

I tried to think of a way to start this blog without being to negative, but I just couldn’t.

The day started off OK, a normal day but it slowly went downhill. It wasn’t a catastrophic events that sets the day into a downward spiral (like the babies are sick or the car breaks down) the day just slowly disintegrated to dust, a big pile of crappy dust.

In hindsight, a couple factors played into the demise of my day. First being the fact that the babies and I have been mostly house bound for the last week and a half. Courtney is now back at work, so he takes the car (we are a one car family). This means the babies and I are footing it if we want to go anywhere. I actually don’t mind this. My children are outdoor babies so walks are amazing for all of us, but it is just not good mothering to takes them out for a walk in -30 degree weather. Their poor little faces would freeze, no matter how much I bundled them up. We have tried our best to keep each day exciting  but yesterday I was just exhausted of trying. All I wanted to do was not talk to anyone and curl up in my bed. We all have those days right? Where the mere though of trying to converse with someone just seem to exhausting to tackle. Well I discovered yesterday that you are not allowed to indulge in that feeling when you have children. They want you to talk to them, sing to them and read to them even if you are too tired to do so.
And the babies were not to happy either. They were crawling around the house like little lost puppies. Going from one thing to the next. It was like they wanted something specific and just couldn’t find it. They could not be pleased.
 All three of us were inflicted with cabin fever and not afraid to show it.

And secondly I have been lacking on taking care of my body. I have been quite caught up in the mental aspects of my life, that I have put my physical well being on the back burner. I have been OK (could be better) with trying to eat more naturally. I am still active in my yoga practice but with out our daily walks or my cardio workouts (which I have been kinda skimping on since I had that flu) my activity level could be better. But the main component that I have been neglectful to in my sleep.

I am going to bed way to late for the time I wake up at. Most nights I work on the computer for a bit, hangout with court, then watch some TV. Usually after I am done watching TV, I have pushed my body way to far past exhaustion that it takes everything out of me to climb the stairs to bed. Most night I just fall into bed, without even washing my face and brushing my teeth (I know it is gross!).
Well that has to stop.
It makes me feel like crap, I don’t sleep soundly when I let myself get that tired. When I don’t sleep as soundly I am much more tired the next day and there for elicit even more ‘bad’ behaviours (overeating, grumpiness, whinyness etc.)

I am glad I acknowledged this as a negative trait of mine and decided to change it.

I had to work yesterday and was drained at work. I decided to come straight home (sorry Linds, I missed your class 😦 ) and eat some dinner with Courtney, and head up stairs to begin my ‘bedtime routine’.
As adults we can really takes some ques from babies. I know my babies sleep so much better when we are consistent with their bedtime routine (dinner, play, bath, massage, story, and bed.)

So I changed me clothes, washed my face, brushed my teeth, used my awesome lavendar lotion, and was going to read for a bit but by the time I finished I was actually falling asleep.
It made a huge difference. I fell asleep quickly and it was a deeper sleep. Today I feel awesome. Much more rested.
I feel ready to conquer my day with energy!
I even checked the weather network and it looks like today might be a nice day. Much more bearable temperatures. It is quite possible that we will get outside today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Much Love,



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