My love for yoga.

I love yoga. I love the physical asanas and mostly I love the spiritual connection is allows me to feel.

I have started teaching again (I took a long break when I was pregnant and recovering from my c-section), but I have started teaching again. Lindsay and I have actually started up a yoga studio together, Namaste Yoga Studio. It is doing well! I am so excited. It is getting busier, slowly but surely!
You should come check out a class, the first one is always free of charge!

It is so exciting to build that part of my life up again. I didn’t realize how much I missed teaching till I started back up again.

I teach on Monday nights. It’s a goodnight class. It is a mixed class of hatha and yin poses with a focus on meditation, philosophy discussion and relaxation. It a great way to wind down a Monday night. I love teaching the goodnight class. I allows me to not only help people relax, which is really my ‘bread and butter’ but it also allows for discussion on topics that usually I don’t get to talk about much (except on this blog 🙂

Last night the theme of our class was ‘surrender’.
Surrendering your ego to a greater good. Let your ego give way to the divine ego- of grace, peace, unconditional love, clarity and freedom. Find the Divinity in every moment.  Embrace and discover your own intimate connection to the universe.

“Through surrender the aspirants ego is effaced and grace pours down him like torrential rains” 
B.K Iyengar

I enjoy this concept. But what does it mean?

When reading and incorporating yogic concepts into our western lives, it can be hard to determine how to do this.
How can we find divinity in every moment, when it all moves so fast? 
Can we really find divinity in our lives?
How can grace pour down on us?

I find when I am reading articles and quotes on yogic traditions and concepts I tend to think “Well that is awesome, I wish I could feel that way, but I don’t know where to start. Maybe if I lived on a Ashram in India that would be easier to incorporate in to my life.” But I have come to realize I am thinking about it all wrong.

True, these concepts were established in Eastern philosophies and don’t always fit right in with our western society, but the idea is what we want. It is like any spiritual practice, the literal explanation or description may not fit to your life exactly but the idea and belief behind is what we want to embrace.

 Take ‘Surrendar’ for example,
Through surrender the aspirants ego is effaced and grace pours down him like torrential rains”
is daunting concept.

but allow yourself to look at differently.
This is what it means to me:

As you let your self ‘chill out’ and let the world around you move it’s own pace happiness and love is follow. If you have trust in the universe, good things will come. Enjoy the beauty in all things. Surrender your control.

It seems easier to understand when I break it down to ‘how it makes me feel’. When it is easier to understand, it is easier to incorporate into my life.

Try doing this. To what ever spiritual venue to take in your life. When the concepts seem above what you can do, break it down to how it makes you feel.
I promise you, it will be much easier to incorporate the idea into your life.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Much Love,



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