My happiness project is moving along quite smoothly. I am shocked at how open I have been to changing my attitude. I though there would be more of an inner battle about the change, but not so much.
Even with the few slip ups each day (the nag her and there, the bout of yelling, the whining, gossiping etc. ) I still feel like I am making progress. The major difference now is that most of the time I feel like I am happier and acting that way, and when I do relapse a little, I recognize the behaviour much sooner. It is nice to see the change. Also I am much more connected to the reaction of my loved ones, and by the behaviour of those close to me, they seem to enjoy the change in me as well.
One thing that I haven’t really done yet is declare me ‘life truths’ .

I did set up a list of things would contribute to my happiness in an earlier post, but I have not fully declared my truths to follow to create sustainable happiness. I am going to take this opportunity declare my new truths.

Jessica’s truths:

  1. be kind
  2. Show love
  3. act to feel (act how I want to feel)
  4. be true (to myself)
  5. indulge more (on my hobbies/passion)
  6. judge less
  7. meditate often
  8. stay mindful
  9. be natural
  10. create the change
  11. be involved (as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend)

 These are my truths. The shape who I am but unfortunately I have lost my way to my truths over the last few years.

But I am here now. Ready to reconnect.

by: Jess

we drift
we fly
we fall
we cry
We lose our way
our drifting souls
the deep unknown
rejoin the life
to its soul
to find our truth
and free our hearts

I wish you all a marvellous day.

Much Love,



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