The search is over…I have found you!

Yesterday’s ‘playday’ turned out to be a fantastic day. I was much more interactive with the girls, I made some stew (I find cooking very fun) and still found time to read my book. I did find however that playing more makes me happier but also way more tired. I was zonked once Court came home at 4:00 pm. I guess in my happiness project, I should do something about working on my energy. I need to be able to keep up to feeling so happy 🙂

The obvious form of play is to take after children and simply play, with toys, book, music and games. That is easy when you have kids. Your allowed to be a goofball and play like a child,
but what if you don’t have kids?

You need to find ways to play like an adult.
I am talking about hobbies.

Hobbies are very important. I know this. The make you feel happy and alive. They tap into to a passion of yours a fill your life with excitement.
I seem to have been scowling for my perfect hobby for a while. There were two categories in my head when I was in search of a hobby, Creative and Athletic. 
Sports tend to be a big hobby for people but that is definitely not me. If you have ever seen me play baseball you understand why I say this. My husband however is a big sports guy. I notice that when he is actively involved in athletics he is much happier. The amount that he participates, watches, plays sports and goes to the gym seem to directly correlate to how happy he is in the rest of his life. I guess I just made it very clear that I am not allowed to berate/nag him about watching football all Sunday. It is only making him a happier therefore more involved husband and dad.

So back to my hobby, Sports was not it for me, I do have yoga as a passion of mine (shameless self promotion: check out the newest yoga studio in Almonte! you will love it!) but I also love creating things. The feeling of  knowing you made it and it is beautiful.

I wanted to create ‘things’ as one of my hobby.

I was very conventional with my search for the perfect creative hobby. I immediately went for crafty/art projects. I realized that though I love attending craft workshops (like the ones Emily and Colleen hold at blackbird) I am not a naturally crafty person. I even got my Grandma to teach me how to knit. I loved the experience of learning a skill from my grandma. I do love it but it did not come perfectly natural to me either and since I wasn’t organically drawn to wanting to knit, I was forcing it. When you force an activity you tend not to want to continue with it. I was starting to get bummed.

I wanted an hobby,why couldn’t I find mine?

It wasn’t until December of last year when my sister-in law gave me a beautiful journal (I did blog about this journal in earlier posts) that I remembered how much I loved to write. I was creating something. I never really indulged in my writing before because I didn’t think I was good enough. But one thing I have learned, is if you keep pushing yourself down you will fall.

Since I started journalling again, I have also put alot more effort into my blog. I realized something,  I love writing. It is fun and relaxing for me. I love that my mom asks me where my blog post is if I don’t get time to write one, it makes me feel like even if it is just my mom (she has to love all things I do) someone likes my writing.

I have discovered in the last few months that writing is my hobby. It comes naturally to me, I want to write. I love finding topics to talk about on my blog (that’s not overly hard, I am like most people and love to talking about what is going on in my life.)
I just love the feeling of seeing something that I have created. The beautiful combination of words that are mine.

I have found writing. It makes me happy. As part of my project, I am going to indulge in my writing more. I am have vowed to attend a creative writing workshop this year. I am happy I have found my creative hobby!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, maybe even make sometime for your hobby!
(feel free to comment about what your hobby is, I love seeing other people interests!)

Much Love,



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