Why do moms gets sick?

I don’t think it should be allowed, as a mom we should instantly become immune to all sickness.

I had the flu last night and all day today. I am slowly feeling better, low energy still but no more throwing up (thank god). I am very lucky because I have a mom who is always there for me and took the babies (who had a terrible sleep last night and are really teething and not handling it well). I would not have been able to handle them by myself today, and it was Courts first day back to work. bah!

So the babies went to my moms and I layed on the couch watching a movie and napping, till court got home and we were able to get the girls from grandma and grandpa’s house. It was awful. I could barley hold my wee ones, as my hold body ached.

I say it again. Moms should not be allowed to get sick. Someone should change this, so we do not get sick because not every mom is as lucky as me to get a “day off” when they are sick.

much love,



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