Technology, friend or foe?

The title of this blog makes me feel like my grandma, “Oh all these computers are ruining the world” “when I was kid….” ect. I do not mean I am thinking technology is the devil and I am avoiding all of it. I just ask, is all these “gadgets” worth it?

This Christmas my sister Emily got a kobo ereader. I was playing with her and was loving it. I had never even though about ereaders before but it was so neat. So later on I was talking to Court and asked him if it would be ok if I bought one for my self (like a “woo hoo you survived the babies first year!” He Said “of course but do you really want it and use it? or is it just a fad?”

Did I want to give up my books? was it worth it? was I going to use it or was it just really neat?

That comment elicited a week of discussions on technology and gadgets for everything. I talked to a few people in my family just to get their opinions. It was quite interesting once we started discussing. Court and Meg both said “Do you want to be one of those people who rely on all the new gadget for everything”. Rick said “This is the way books are going in the future”. Emily just kept telling me how much she loved it and my mom just wanted me to buy something for me, not the family…lol 🙂

I ended up buying it, and I love it! I don’t care if I rely to much on technology. I am absolutely in love it. I was nervous of the idea of giving up “real books”, not being able to go to my favorite used book store and finding a new jem, but I do not have to be exclusive to the kobo. I can switch back and forth between print books and the ereader. We have an open relationship like that.

I think that is how we can decide that technology is a friend. Use it to its fullest potential and still keep the values of it’s predecessor (like reading a old book from the used book store, or calling a friend for a good long chat instead of texting them , or mailing a birthday card instead of an email etc.  )

So today I decide that technology is definatly my friend.
And I love my ereader!

Much love,



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