A tribute to the wonderful people in my life: part one

I was thinking last night, I am a lucky person. I have such great people in my life who do so much for me. I do not feel like I give them enough credit or recognition.
Also it can be hard for me to express myself fully while speaking to people. I fand I get all flustered and mix my words up. Writing is much easier.
So it made me think, I am going to use my blog (since it appears like people are actually reading this 🙂 as way to let the people in my life know how much I love and appreciate them.

Part one is going to be about my mom and Rick.

My mom and rick are tow of the most giving people I have met. I really don’t know where i would be with out them. They are a huge support system for Court and I. They are so helpful to us and have been over this last year especially as we adjust to being new parents.

They are always here to help us if it means helping to put up the Christmas lights or ta king the girls for a few hours. They will always be there and have proved that. There is this wonderful sense of comfort knowing that there is is someone in the world who is always there for you no matter what.

I can be a very difficult person to deal with at times, but they are always calm and understanding with me even if they think I am being crazy or even if I am being quite rude. They have accepted Courtney as one of there own children and welcome  him into our family so seamlessly, that makes me so happy. They also make a great support system for court when I have gone little loco, He calls them to say “Jess has gone a little crazy again” and they know what he means… I know that is nice for him. Because sometimes it can be hard to talk me down, and with the help of my mom usually it doesn’t take long for me to realize I am being irrational.

They love the girls so much and love to spend time with them. They never see them as a burden. They understand that court and I need a break sometimes and are willing to take my munchkins for a sleep over every now and then. Like tonight they have decided not to go out new years eve, they want to take the girls so we can have a relaxed evening with friends. We didn’t even ask them, they just knew that we could use it.

I really do appreciate their love and attentiveness to us. I really don’t think I get to tell them enough how much we appreciate everything they do for us. 

I love you guys tons and tons!

Much love


ps. mom, I know you read my blog, so if you are reading this let Rick read it 🙂


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