Home, when I am alone with you.

Court introduced me to a song this week by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (They have a fantastic sound, you should check them out 🙂 . It is called Home.

The song had lyrics that I really related to at that moment. We were listening to his mp3 player in the car on the drive home from a crazy busy family dinner, and a line in the song came on the stereo…

“Home, let me go home, home is whenever I am with you”

I loved that line. At that moment it spoke exactly how I was feeling.

Life can be so crazy sometimes (especially over Christmas 🙂 but I feel so comfortable with my family. Home is when I am with them.

Life can wind me up and make life chaotic but when I am alone with my little family, I am at home.

Sometime it can even be in a crowded crazy room and I have the girls in my lap or court is sitting beside me, all  have to do is  look in their eyes, and you have those moments of being the only people in the room, I am back home again and feel at peace.

Much love,



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