Day one

When I was on Weight Watchers 2 years ago, I lost 25 pounds and was down to a weight that I felt the most comfortable at, then I got pregnant with twins.

I want to feel a little more comfortable in my own skin again. I am beginning my journey to feeling a little more comfortable in the new me.

I am going about losing weight in a much different way then before. Last time I lost the weight I did weight watchers point system. I basically switched my food addiction to a “counting points” addiction. I never actually battled the real demon; My addiction to eating too much and eating unhealthy foods. I am going to conquer that demon this time.

I am changing my though process with food. I am going to eat much more naturally and logically. I am going to attempt to eat more often and less food, and drink lots and lots of water. No calorie or point tracking. Just being aware of the food I put into my mouth. Not just stuff my face with whatever is easiest. I have no excuses. I am able to find time to make my children well balanced and healthy meals. I will now have to focus on including my own meals in the prep work.

I know that with losing weight, not only do you change your eating patterns but you have to change your exercise patterns. I don’t  love to exercise in the conventional way (aka. the gym). So I am going to be creative and workout with the Wii fit and biggest loser exercises, Go on more long walks with the girls and do much more yoga.

There is one thing that I did love about Weight Watchers and that was the online blogs. You could go on daily and make yourself accountable for your food and and exercise logging the food you ate and amount you exercised. I loved that! and it really kept me motivated each day, So I am just going to keep myself a workout/food journal on my blog. That may bore some of you who read this, but it is much needed for me 🙂

Today was Day one.

Excercise log:
Unfortunately I did not wake up in time to do my exercise before the girls woke up.
So no exercise today, I have come to know that I cannot exercise at night.

I am a morning exerciser 🙂
but tomorrow I will do yoga and biggest loser exercises before the girls wake up.

Food log:
one piece of whole wheat toast
poached egg
one coffee with one sugar
*I am happy with this meal, but I am going to stop with the sugar in my coffee…

orange juice
costco food samples…
*we went to costco today…I didn’t eat to much…but i really like the samples 🙂

Chicken club wrap with Swiss Chalet sauce
garden salad with italian dressing
a few of court’s fries…maybe 10?
*not a bad lunch. I was impressed that I choose the salad instead of fries and did not overly regret it 🙂

missed an afternoon snack. It was abusy afternoon. I will do better tomorrow.

Turkey meatloaf
Steamed sweet potatoes
Steamed brocolli
*I made the meatloaf from the recipe book Court gave me for christmas. It was delish!

Small piece of almond biscotti
peppermint tea
banana with almond butter
* I do most of my overeatting in the evening so this snack wasn’t too bad.


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