Could I be the biggest loser?

My wonderful husband Courtney spoiled me this Christmas. He tends to do that. I can’t really complain, Sometimes he is a procrastinator and leaves it all to the last minute or on rare occasions misses the holiday all together but in the end he loves to spoil. It is nice, I am not going to lie 🙂

So, this year I got some lovely things, new perfume, a pink scarf and a beautiful picture frame from blackbird, a game for the Wii (family game night, super fun…so far I am the champ of Life 🙂 and a whole bunch of “biggest loser” cookbooks and  the biggest loser and fitness trainer Wii games.

Now the last gifts you may think are mean, sending me messages that maybe I need to lose weight. But what it tell me is that Court is listens to me and is trying to help me with my problem. Working out and finding healthy recipes to prepare when you have twin babies to take care is really hard!

I cannot get to the gym. There is just not enough time, with working 25 hours a week and the twins, I just barley have time to write this blog 🙂 I want to get in shape again and feel healthy, so these Wii games are suppose to be my saving grace!

So I decide to start the biggest loser program today (why wait for the new year, today is a new day!) , at first I felt so silly jumping around my living room in my jammies and sports bra, but you know what, I ended up loving it!

I have totally privacy, I have Bob from the “Biggest loser” cheering me on and I do it on my own time. I woke up at 5:00 am to get in a work out, and now am relaxing before I go have my shower and wait for the babies to rise.

It is wonderful! I am so excited to get in shape again, even if the process is much different them I am used to. We all have to adapt to our situations right?
Now the next step is meal planning with all my great cookbooks. I think I will sit down and do that tonight after work! Wish me Luck 🙂

Much love,



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