Our wonderful christmas present!

I wanted to share one of the most special Christmas gift we got this year. My sister Amber (the budding photographer) did a photo shoot with a girls and gave us a CD and framed collage of all the pictures! It was quite beautiful!
These are the things that are special presents to me. The pictures that someday when my babies are teenage girls and out in the world, dating (oh how I dread that day!) and caring more about their social life then mommy and daddy, I can look back and remember how small and precious they were.
Thank you Amber, You are very Talented!
You have created wonderful memoriess for us!

This one is my favorite. I can’t stop looking at it. It makes me smile every time! They just look so happy! From what I understand my Mom is lying on the floor below them throwing up ball and playing peekaboo to keep them laughing.

They look so cuddly here. These are the babies I know. Sisters who love each more then I will ever understand!

They look very mirror imaged here.
Oh, I how I gush too much about my girls. I guess I am allowed…I am their mom!

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