The simpler days

Today I found a Christmas CD that I have not heard since I was in High School (Nsync’s “Home for the Holidays”). It was my favorite in my teenage years. I listened to continually over the holidays. So I decided to put it on today, and the memories came flooding back.
Isn’t it odd how music can bring back so many feelings and experiences?

I am feeling very nostalgic today. I am thinking of my high school girlfriends. Our fun over the holidays and Christmas. How we would talk about the future when we were married and with kids like it was so far away. I feeling of having the world in my hand and knowing I can do whatever what in the future. The parties and get togthers. The carefree life you live as a teenager.
 I am thinking about my family. The simpleness of Christmas back then. You wake up at your parents house, open Santa’s gift and they cart you around from house to house as you visit family members.
I am remembering how I would always call my boyfriend (now husband πŸ˜‰  in the morning to see what he got for Christmas. How we would wish each other a merry Christmas and hope to see each other in the next few days were over after all the family obligations.
I am missing those days today. I love the path my life has taken and the Christmas memories I will be creating for my children but I think I am mourning the loss of the “simpler days”.

much love,



3 thoughts on “The simpler days

  1. I have those days too Jess! I love the way my life has turned out and would not trade Dan and Oliver for the world, but just like you say I sometimes miss the days of coming and going when I pleased and visiting friends anytime we wished.A very Merry Christmas to you, Court and your gorgeous Girls!!! XOX

  2. I think we all have those days once in a while… it is much easier when things are simpler. We are full of life and eagerness for the future and then we grow up and pretty much have everything we dreamed about (or something in some variation) and then what else is there to fantasize about? …The simpler times, right? something we can't go back to. However – I guess thats why we have girls nights, ect, LOL

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