Shut up!

I am writing this as my daughters sit on the floor next to me. Usually I try to blog before the wake up instead of while they are downstairs, but they are in a whole other world right now and I am not part of it. I put on Baby Einstien “babies first sounds” DVD. I was getting tired of chasing them away from the computer cords telephone cords. Usually they are pretty good at ignoring the computer and phone but today it was all they wanted to play with. Not sure why…but really I am never sure why they do certain things.

So back to the DVD, literally they are glued to our television. To paint the picture of my living room right now, Chloe is sitting on the floor and Charlotte is lying down on her back beside her (I was changing Charlotte’s diaper as the video was starting, she decided to stay on her back) The girls have literally not moved since the video started 10 minutes ago, and if you know my children then you know that this is something that does not happen very much at all :).
So as they have turned into TV zombie babies, questions pop in my head,

“Is this bad for them?” I mean is too much TV bad for them?

“Am I a bad mommy because I turn the TV on when I am tired?”

“Am I slowing their development by allowing them to watch TV so young?”  ETC ETC….
All question to make me feel guilty and awful.

My self conscious being inside me is screaming “YOU ARE BEING A BAD MOM! YOUR RUINING YOUR CHILDREN” and I have to scream at it to SHUT UP!

Today is when I stop being hard on myself. My girls are happy, the video will be turned off when it is over then we can play together once I had my morning coffee/rant and all will be right in the world.

But that got me thinking, aren’t we all a little too hard on ourselves? not just about babies and TV, but about everything. 
I dare you today to tell your self conscious being to SHUT UP and be/do whatever you feel is right!

much love,



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