Christmas through my childrens eyes.

It is almost Christmas! Yeah 🙂

I love Christmas. It really is my mothers influence on me. My step father and her are into Christmas quite a bit. Every aspect of it, the decorating, the food, the presents and the family. Their love for the festive holiday has most definitely wore off on me. I am always so excited for Christmas, but I do find that I can get quite stressed as well. Always feeling like you are forgetting something and the giant to-do list the lurks on the fridge. It can be quite overwhelming at times.

But this year is a special year, It is our daughters first Christmas. If I though that I loved Christmas before, I had no idea what it was like to see Christmas through the eyes of my own children.
My girlies are still quite young and don’t understand the whole concept of Christmas but watching them investigate the Christmas tree, play with the lights or even try and figure out what these wool socks hanging on the wall are, is enough just to make you burst with excitement.
It is hard to be stress and overwhelmed over the holiday season when I am blessed  to have two wonderful Little babies who are so excited for all the new thing that they get to experience with Christmas.
Watching their reactions to the holidays really help to put in perspective what Christmas is all about.
Their wonder and awe of the decorations, the lights and jingle bell ornaments.
Their reactions to all the new food they get to try.
How they seem to notice the new smells of Christmas, that mix of pine trees, Christmas baking and oranges.  And the extra time with all family and great friends; the time and love that seems to seep out of all family and friend gatherings is much more palpable with the babies. This is what seems to be important to my twins.
They are teaching me to follow suit.
Just like most things I have discovered since my twins have been born, I think they teach me much more then I teach them. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season!
Happy holidays!

Much love,


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