I am back :)

I have really been feeling a lack of “creative flow” lately. I haven’t wanted to write in my journal, or blog. I have stopped with my knitting projects, It has been quite difficult to create new yoga classes and I have even found that my playtime with the twins has been lack luster at least. I have been in quite a slump, and I hate slumps. Without a way to channel my creativity, I find I get super stressed and worried about everything!
But last night Court, the twins and I headed out to Ottawa south to visit with our wonderful family. I was so nice to have a change of scenery and enjoy great company. It was a nice way to attempt a “de-slumping”.
If seeing wonderful people and great conversation wasn’t enough, My sister in law Care, gave me my belated birthday gift. It was a handmade journal. It is beautiful and unique. I was surprised to have sudden thoughts of what I was going to write in this wonderful piece of homemade greatness.
As soon as we got home this morning, and the girls had their lunch and were down for nap, I went upstairs and wrote. It felt great! I feel like I am back!
It is always so surprising how the simple things can really change your perspective on life.


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