She’s crafty?

Can I be crafty?
I want to be 🙂 I have all these idea’s and projects bubbling in my little brain wanting to emerge and produce beautiful things…but I am still waiting for my venue to be crafty….
Over the last year, my crafty side is coming to the surface much more rapidly. I got my grandma to teach me how to knit (thanks grandma, I have alot to learn from her, she is definitely the most crafty lady I know!) 
I also have been attending workshops at Blackbird with Emily and Colleen (Two more super crafty people I know!) and have been loving creating beautiful things. Most times my projects end up looking “just OK”, and I do result that in the fact that I am far cry from a perfectionist.
I just attended a workshop this week, we were making wire-wrapped jewellery. I was told that this was the craft for me, the less perfection the better! I was stoaked. Well, it was true, the more laid back you were the cooler your projects looked. I loved my final product!
 I realized that I can be a crafty lady, I just need to find a craft venue that allows me to just let the environment create the art. Nothing that requires precise skill 🙂

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