I remember why I don’t stay up late….

So we have some great friends home for a few days from BC. They are wondeful people and we really miss seeing them all the time, so while they are here we love to spend lots of time with them. Conviently their parents live next door to us and  that is where they are staying.
So last night they had a little shindig to get all the friends together and have a good time. We of course went 🙂
We took the twins with us, which was awesome. They were rockstars! They played for a while, ate, then cuddled with whomever wanted to cuddle and went to bed in their playpen with out a fuss. It was fantastic!
So since my babies were doing so well, I though “I don’t need to rush home…I am just going to enjoy the company of my wondeful friends” and I did!
I think I might have pulled a abdominal muscle from laughing so hard, It was just a really fun night.
But needless to say, it did come to end. The babies woke up a little scared at 2 am in a new place, so the three of us headed back home. I got them back to sleep, and attempted to sleep myself. It was not easy at all! With the noise of the still ongoing party next door and the noise of my husband (who, god bless him, was trying to be quiet when he came home) I did not get very much sleep at all!
I finally fell asleep around 3:30 am, it felt wonderful. but my girls were not going to make it easy for me! Not 3 hours later were they up and ready for the day. They decided that today was going to be an early day.

So today iIremeber why it is not cool to stay up to 2 am when you are a mom. Your job never stops and unfortuatly you never get to sleep in (unlike my husband, who is still in bed 🙂

Much love,



One thought on “I remember why I don’t stay up late….

  1. Yes I feel that way too sometimes! hahaGlad to hear that you guys are having a fabulous time :)It's so true, a Mum's work is never done and there is no time off, although the trade off is something I would never trade for the world…there's been many an early morning where Oliver and I are up at the crack of dawn and Dan is still sound asleep and thinks waking up at 9 is so early!! LOL

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