My high tech space of beauty…

I have never blogged before.

I have read lots of blogs but never have I written my own.

I am drawn to the idea of a blog, I always have been. I am a long time “journaller”. It is so nice to record your thoughs, feelings, and ideas with no restrictions. For the longest time it was the one place I felt able to be creative. I do keep a written diary. I have been doing that since I was 13.

Almost as much as I love to write in my diary, I love to purchase and keep journals. Every time I check out a new little store (one of my favorite pastimes, discover locally owned jems 🙂 I am drawn to notebooks.

I love to write in a pretty notebooks. There is something so mesmerizing about a blank notebook with a beautiful cover and spectacualar paper inside. It makes me seep with inspiration and creativity with all the wonderful thing I want to fill the book with. 

I think that is what drew me to blogs. You create them.  You design them. You add pictures. You make them beautiful. You get to surround your words and ideas with your own beauty. What can be more special.

So here I go, I am going to create a place for my words, in my own little high tech space of beauty.